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Dedicated to Meeting All of Your Hearing Healthcare Needs

Meadville Hearing Aids is a 3rd generation family owned and operated hearing aid center in business since 1962. We have two locations; one in Clarksville and one in Fort Smith, AR. We are accredited with the BBB and Vicki is certified by the National Board for Certification in Hearing Instrument Sciences. We are dedicated to meeting all of your hearing healthcare needs from custom hearing aids, assistive listening devices, noise protection and swim plugs to a wide variety of hearing products and accessories. Our services include hearing evaluations, fittings, maintenance and supplies.

Discreet and Comfortable

If you have hearing loss, you are not alone. Many options are available today to help correct untreated hearing loss. There is a wide range of technology and price levels available to meet every lifestyle and preference. Custom products are available with the latest wireless technology to custom fit within the ear canal. They are discreet and comfortable. RIC hearing aids, fitting almost invisibly behind the ear with the receiver in the canal offer wireless connections to smartphones and rechargeable options. More traditional, but small BTE hearing aids are available for those with profound hearing loss.

At Meadville Hearing Aids, we sell and service a wide range of hearing aid brands including Starkey, NuEar, Oticon, Phonak, ReSound, Rexton, Signia / Siemens, and Widex. Our experienced hearing consultants will help guide you in choosing the best hearing aid for your hearing loss and budget. Whether you need new hearing aids, supplies, cleaning or adjustments for your present hearing aids, noise protection, swimmers’ earplugs, assistive listening devices or other healthcare needs – we are the experts.


“Serving the Hearing Impaired Since 1962”

My Father, Graham Meadville, became a hearing aid dispenser because of the difference it made in our lives when my Mother, who was severely hearing impaired, was fit with hearing aids when I was 6 years old. A very shy woman, who hid behind my Dad at church and had me doing the talking for her at age 4 and 5, suddenly became very outgoing, talkative, and social. My Dad said he wanted to fit people with hearing aids because he could make a living while helping them have better lives. He continued to work at his office in Ft. Smith, AR until 2018 when he passed away at the age of 88.

I have a BS degree in Education and have been working with my Dad and running the Clarksville office since 1986. My education background has given me a unique perspective and approach to helping the hearing impaired. I don’t sell hearing aids. I educate people about their hearing and help them make wise decisions concerning their hearing needs.

In addition to being licensed by the state of Arkansas, I am and my father was also certified by the Board of National Hearing Instrument Sciences (NBCHIS). My father served on the Arkansas Board of Hearing as well as the NBCHIS’s Ethic’s Board. I was asked to serve on the committee responsible for writing the test questions for the National Board Certification and am now serving on the AR Board of Hearing Instrument Dispensers. We have dedicated ourselves to maintaining the highest level of education and moral behavior in our profession.

Better hearing is so much more than putting an amplification device in your ear. Just as no two people are identical, neither are any two hearing losses. At Meadville Hearing, we treat everyone individually. We believe in considering each person’s unique situation, lifestyle and other physical conditions in our recommendation for what will meet their specific situation rather than the same generic fit for everyone. The best hearing aids in the world are only as good as the person programming them. My training and experience for over 30 years gives me the ability to handle even the most challenging hearing needs. Quality hearing amplification is only part of the solution. Hearing aid users, as well as their families, need to become familiar with aural rehabilitation techniques to get the best results with their hearing aids, improve their ability to understand, and to most effectively deal with the limitations of hearing amplification. Some individuals need assistive listening devices in addition to or instead of hearing aids. Hearing health care is also needed by individuals with normal hearing who require noise protection, swimming plugs, cerumen management and help dealing with tinnitus. Everyone should have their hearing evaluated on a regular bases just as they have physical exams for the rest of their body. An evaluation of the hearing system can lead to early detection of such diseases as diabetes, Meniere’s, or as severe as an acoustic neuroma (a tumor on the 8th nerve in the brain). It is so important when seeking help for auditory needs that you go to a professional who looks at the whole person rather than just an audiogram grafted on a piece of paper. This is what my family has been doing since 1962 and plan on continuing into the future.

Upon completion of his college degree, my son, Jonathan, obtained his hearing aid disperser’s license so that he could join in our family’s dedication to helping the hearing impaired. I have customers that my Dad first fit when I was still a child at home, watched my children grow up and are now having their hearing health care needs met by Jonathan. It is more than a job with us-it is a part of who we are. We don’t sell a product; we build long term relationships committed to meeting the unique needs of each of our customer’s hearing health care.

I sincerely hope that you will give us the opportunity to help you with whatever area of hearing health care you need. Whether a hearing evaluation to establish a base line for future reference or documentation in the event of an accident that injures your hearing system, hearing protection, assistive listening devices, tinnitus management or quality hearing amplification, we have the qualifications and experience required to meet your hearing health care needs.

– Vicki Howard

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Take the first step toward improving your hearing by consulting with our hearing professionals. Our staff has the necessary training and equipment to inspect your ear canal, measure your hearing loss accurately, assess your unique needs, and recommend solutions that are specific for you. Contact us today to get started!

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